Good advice makes all the difference


Since the begining in 2004, Gordios Training has developed specific training methods, models and tools for developing skills for people working in sales and management.

Being a customer with Gordios Training, you can expect:

  • a more practical, than theoretical approach throughout the project
  • to be challenged, inspired and motivated
  • to get new energy and spirit injected in the team
  • that we manage the project from start to finish - definition of task, objective, implementation, execution and follow-up
  • that we achieve the common set goals

Teaming up with Gordios Training does not only give you security and the comfort of a 100% tested, professionel development programme for you and your employees.

Business and people development with Gordios Training also gives you:

  • experienced consultants with own hands-on experience
  • we challenge both management and employees to achieve the set goals
  • you get to work with people that have a passion for sales and management
  • you get the experience from projects implemented successfully in more than 100 companies
  • all material is available in both Danish and English


When we say "we have tried most things ourselves" in sales and management - we mean it!

Gordios Training´'s CEO and founder, Henrik Hansen is a good example of this:

  • originally educated in shipping
  • has lived and worked more than 10 years abroad
  • has founded and sold several companies - first time as a 22-year-old in England
  • expericence from full responsibility for national sales force of over 150 sales people including back office and support teams
  • Full P/L responsible as Managing Director in London for 3 years with global trading company - annual turnover of USD 920 million (FISCAL2013)
  • Experience from employments ranging from sales consultant to sales manager to sales director to CEO
  • Worked as external consultant and coach for some of the country's largest companies
  • Worked as sales coach and mentor sparring with management and sales teams in more than 15 countries
  • Teaches in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and English
  • Education from Cambridge University, Churchill College - Anatomy of Shipping (2011)
  • Thomas International certified instructor in DISC profiles and General Intelligence Assessment (GIA) test
  • Advisory Board and Board membership work for various companies since 2010